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Can you imagine healing the world by encouraging
all people to express their authentic creativity?

If this possibility touches your heart and resonates as truth (or even piques your curiosity), you are in the right place. Welcome Home to the Art Medicine Tribe.

We envision a small sustainably built, non-profit Creative Arts workshop center surrounded by nature with a core staff/community of about 8 people…A place where the arts are facilitated as sacred ritual to foster much needed re-enchantment of people and planet. This jewel nestled in the Ojai Valley of California, will accommodate 30 participants in a variety of eco-friendly dwellings … and feed all from its lush permaculture gardens and farm.

The Mission
The mission of Creative Passage is to strengthen and heal the hearts of people and the imperiled web of life by re-introducing authentic creativity and sacred ritual into individual lives, communities and the world. This is initially accomplished by gathering inspired teachers from various art modalities and offering improvisational-oriented arts workshops and training to all ages and levels in a sustainable retreat center. Later phases can include online interactive courses, council to community, business and government organizations, networking, research, and distribution of books and videos.

The Need
The reality of ecological devastation and suffering of people, even when not directly in our face, lies always on the edge of our psyche.  All else seems secondary while our air, water, food, night sky, silence and earth, becomes polluted.  Having diligence in recycling, using less carbon based energy, eating local organic food is not enough.  What is our authentic contribution?

Our Response
After 35 years or facilitating many thousands of people world-wide through their personal creative passage, it becomes clear that being creative brings empowerment, joy and vitality to our lives . Therefore in answer to our culture’s current call for creative openings and heartfelt solutions, Creative Passage provides a doorway for personal, community and planetary re-enchantment.

We are a group of practicing Art Medicine People who know that:

  • Through creativity, we experience the web of life in a way so nourishing that we are willing, even eager, to adopt new habits that nurture us and better support the planet.
  • Creativity nurtures our deepest altruistic earth nature and reduces the need to accumulate and consume for our own security.
  •  Art-making is a powerful catalyst, even more so in a communal environment.
  •  A group that creates together realizes that there is no separation between caring for ourselves, each other, and the home that sustains us: planet Earth.
  • Changes in behavior such as moving from aggressive–wasteful–avaricious–consumer, to peaceful– conscious steward of nature, naturally occur through regular creative expression.
    Do you know this as well ? Can you add to this list ?

If you feel called to participate and / or donate funds for land and buildings, don’t hesitate to contact us


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